Case Study

Multigenerational, multi-division family business




As the firm grew in value and scale, existing accounting and financial systems couldn’t keep up. To position the company to capitalise on new higher-value construction jobs, their financial and taxation affairs needed to meet the requirements of these increasingly complex projects.


Pien not only helped the firm devise the complex reports required to enable the company to fund projects of this scale; it also provided the construction firm with access to quality legal connections to make that happen. Today this construction firm has built multiple incredible properties and can sign contracts worth up to $16 million each.

Services used

  • Australian and international accounting and taxation services.
  • Bookkeeping, e.g. devising and structuring complex reports.
  • Cost, cash and profitability tracking and forecasting.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Access to legal connections.

“Joe Pien is extremely knowledgeable. His advice was always 100% correct. We never felt left to our own devices.”

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